Actually, since the day I got it my PS3 has been arguably more valuable as a video-playing beast than as a video game console.

I originally got it when 300 came out on Blu-Ray (which coincided with the impending removal of hardware PS2 BC). Since then there have been times where I would turn the thing on every day just to play some movies on discs or stuff I downloaded (since the PS3 plays so many formats). If I turn it on at all this season it’ll be to watch some Blu-Rays and Netflix.

@sinfoy From what I understand, according to IGN GT5 is “a 10/10 simulator stuck in a 5/10 game”. I’ve seen people who don’t give a shit about racing games declare their desire for GT5 just to look at everything in it. I admit I feel the desire sometimes as well.

Oh, and since PS3 is still my console of choice for fighters, that’s probably what I’ll get Marvel vs Capcom 3 on.