On the subject of Irrational games, I know this may sound a little PC Master Race… ish, but I kinda wish their previous games would get console versions just so more people could recognize that studio’s talents.

BioShock is so popular because right now it is the sole game from Irrational and Ken Levine that has a console version. System Shock 2 might work if you relegate all its menus into a pause screen ala Resident Evil 4

Nevermind getting Irrational’s back catalog onto consoles, you can’t even find most of it on PC anymore! Can somebody tell me why I can’t find the first two Thief* games? And of course, good look finding either System Shock for purchase in a format runnable on modern Windows. You can get Freedom Force on Steam (which will not run beyond Windows XP) and SWAT 4 on Direct2Drive. That’s about it.

*actually you can get The Dark Project on Gamer’s Gate for $10. Should I pick that up or do I really only need to play The Metal Age?