SquadCast 2.X: Deputy Willie’s One Toug…

SquadCast 2.X: Deputy Willie’s One Tough Chap!

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It’s an old-school SquadCast this time as Mark, Pete and special guests Calin “Just Calin” Grajko and Ashton “I Write About Games For Actual Newspapers” Raze discuss one of the most relevant games of 2010 – SWERY’s DEADLY PREMONITION.

Music in this episode:
Intro: The Woods and the Goddess
Break 1: Life is Beautiful
Break 2: Deputy Willie’s One Tough Chap!
Outro: Miss Stiletto Heels

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Got any thoughts on DEADLY PREMONITION? Post ’em here and tag ’em “Deadly Premonition”.

Enjoy the show! Apologies for the wonky schedule at the minute. We’ll be back to normal in the New Year. Expect at least one more show before the year is out, though!