For ease of reference, this is what we’ve got so far for the Squad GOTY Gala event:

  • The Mark Wahlberg Award for Strangest or most Illogical Choice by Developers in a Videogame.
  • The Costco Pipebomb Award for Best Bang For Buck.
  • The “Goddamn it! Jump Sack Boy!! Jump!!” Award for most frustrating game/gaming moment of 2010.
  • The “Have you tried Sucking less?” Award for game that the “hardcore” community loves but that you just can’t get into of 2010.
  • The “your mom” award for the best ride in a video game.
  • The “Holy Crap It’s 3am” Award for most addictive game/ gaming experience of 2010.
  • The “Peter Molyneaux selling us the Moon” Award for most disappointing game/ gaming moment of 2010.
  • The jumppack award for the greatest single leap in gaming in 2010.
  • The little mac award for the “longshot what became the champeen” of 2010.
  • The Octocamo award for the greatest “It came out of nowhere” surprise of 2010.
  • The 7 Temples of Cheap-Fu award for the strongest Cheap-Fu / Excellence in Small Gaming.
  • The map and compass award for the “Hopefully heralds the direction I’d like to see more things go” in 2011.

There are some cross-overs, so a little whittlin’ might be in order.

Also, got my Move controller finally! Impressions, impressions. I messed about in the Tumble demo, and for something that’s essentially a precision tech demo, it’s a great game in and of itself. An elegant block-stacking game, you primarily are tasked with building towers as high as you can. The controller takes a little getting used to, but once you’ve got a feeling for how sensitive the thing is, flipping and tweaking interlocking blocks. Battling physics and your own perception of weight distribution, Tumble is a lot more fun that one might give it credit for. I even got my cynical wife to play local multiplayer with me, and she quite liked it. What little I’ve played of the Wii in the past…this seems to outstrip the somewhat limited sensor by a country mile. Also, I was using it at quite a close distance, maybe a meter and a half away, so there’s none of that Kinect “clear the decks” business.

I broke out the demo for Sports Champion, played a little table tennis. It’s nice, the near one-to-one motion is good, but I’m not one to be sold on sports minigames.

RUSE. Now here’s a showcase and a half for the Move if there ever was one, but it’s so nuanced and player-driven that it doesn’t sound terribly exciting on, er, paper. The DS3 (or Nav controller if one splashes out for one) controls map scrolling much like WASD on a Massive Entertainment RTT like Ground Control, the Move controller playing the part of the mouse. Unit selection is fast and delegation equally snappy. Coming to terms with now being able to whip the Move left and right on the menu bar at the top is shockingly fast, perhaps a little too sensitive. It even outdoes a mouse at times, and being that the motions once within the menu bar are locked to selection limitations, you can whip between upgrading your Heinkels to deploying some Paks and building another supply base within a very short space of time. It’s not going to satisfy the high APM strat-heads, but RUSE is a very different beast. The Move, once adjusted to it, as a very complimentary piece of hardware for the game. I’m eager to try it out with Under Siege in a few weeks, as well as other games down the line.

All in all, not a mindblowing experience, just a damn satisfying one. I doubt many will rush out and nab one from the Squad, but there is some great potential here. If the rumour that Revolution Software is developing for the PS3 with the Move in mind comes to fruition, there might be some great things in store. I’m glad I waited on Heavy Rain, because I’d like to pick that up with the Move support now it’s on offer.

And just finally, it’s nice to see Apache: Air Assault get its dues from the people that matter:

“I fly AH-64D Apache Longbows for the US ARMY. As an aviation nut and pilot, I cringe at most console flight games. …When I heard Gaijin was making an Apache game for consoles I was still skeptical. Helicopters are a lot harder to fly than airplanes. It takes both hands and feet to fly a helicopter and when you throw in radios, weapons, systems, etc., it takes all your fingers and concentration as well. I just didn’t see that translating well to a console game. I’m happy to say, not only did Gaijin do a great job mimicking helicopter flight using a console controller, they made one hell of an authentic Apache game.” –

Ace game. @bowlisimo, I really hope it comes to Steam for you. Gaijin deserve some serious commendation and sales for their effort. It’s shortlisted for my GOTY, at least.

Finally, fellows…the first true gameplay description and demonstration by Introversion’s very own Chris Delay on Subversion! This looks insane – like the most well-conceived heist and stealth game in a long, long time! Totally Squadworthy when it comes out.