Gaming highlights from the weekend that was, if you please!

Never thought I’d say this, but a few iPhone games have managed to impress – one in particular! The flavour of the month is, for many pundits, Game Dev Story. Just such a cute and smart little management strategy title. Too cool for the room references to the industry and a breezy UI. I’ve only got the free Lite version at the moment, but seriously considering throwing down the few pesos for the full thing. I’m just serving myself up a nice slice of humble pie from the @feenwager diner. Here’s to you, Feen.

Outside of that, locked away at the inlaws for the two days, inspired by Game Dev Story, I busted out the ol’ SimGolf. As awesome as always, the eccentric post-Sims Maxis interface and character emphasis mixed with Firaxis’ eye for putting spin on what would otherwise be pedestrian strategy is addictive and brimming with personality. It’d be a perfect fit for…*gulp* some sort of portable iDevice.