For reviews, I have found myself relying on Giant Bomb – be it the Quick Looks, the actual reviews and the bombcast – as well as other podcasts and word of mouth from people I trust (a.k.a the Squad).

I have also noticed in my case a general decrease in the use of written reviews. I have been reading the EGM and EGMi since they launched and I find myself completely ignoring the reviews for some reason despite a number of reviewers I know and like (Klepec, Pfister,…)

In other news, I finally got through Uncharted 2. Pretty much as advertised although I must say, the stickiness of the cover mechanic really frustrated me at times as did the bullet-absorbing enemies. The final couple of chapters went in a direction I didn’t particularly enjoy story-wise and the final boss battle was not enjoyable mechanically as I never did like the shooting behind while running mechanic. It led to me taking lots of damage as I had to wait around stationary for the boss to get where I needed him to be. Regardless, it was a great experience overall.