@angryjedi No worries sir, I was just being petulant! Super excited your wonderful brother nabbed you a copy, gives us all something to yap on about – regardless of platform! But ol’ FS…I hear there’s going to be a big single-player reveal in January! They’re smart fellows over at Mode 7, so I think we’re in for something special. Oh, and FS is coming to Steam!

@cptcarnage GT5. Indeed. You know, the most exciting part of GT5 for me would be the B-Spec racing management component. It looks fantastic!

As for review sites…for PC, I indulge in Out of Eight. (and @bowlisimo, Out of Eight’s twitter feed is a great source of indie and strategy titles – the man has taste!), for everything else it’s a combination of Strategy Informer, Fidgit (he may be intentionally contrarian, but you can’t hate Tom Chick) particular user impressions on NeoGAF and, of course, the fine folk found hanging around a certain Squawkbox.

Oh, and for those interested in Under Siege, a new cinematic trailer came out! Gorgeous…utterly gorgeous! http://bit.ly/anuD53