@bowlisimo I think the developers are aware of Jerry, so let’s hope they’ve the humour to slot him in somewhere in TW2. And the rabbit part when Jerry is just leaving the city walls? All I could think about was Silent Hill. “There was a rabbit here. It’s gone now.”
@RocGaude “Legend of Zelda with a penis”. I like that! War strikes me as a fellow who’d sport some sort of big armoured penis, too. Perhaps with chains wrapped around the hilt.
@beige Good work on the ‘Meat. I don’t know if you’re quite looking to fill the void yet, but outside of the TerRover suggestion, have you seen Crescent Pale Mist on the PSN store? A doujin-shooter mixed with Ninja Gaiden-esque hack and slashery. Best part? 5.99USD. Just came out. Looks utterly intense – http://bit.ly/clKBkm

And new Squadcast! Good stuff, lads. It will be the soundtrack to my day. Many thanks to @angryjedi for arranging it all up there in his misty tower of audio warlockery.

EDIT: Just some new info on the PSN RTS/Diablo/Myth spiritual successor Under Siege.


Releasing in early December after a slight delay from this month, hitting both NA (14th) and Euro/PAL land (8th) for €14.99/£11.99/$19.99. And, while my bloody Move controller will be here FINALLY (Play-Asia’s backorder business and wholesaler mix-up got pre-orders shunted back to the 31st of October *grumble grumble*) within the next week or so, they say – much like RUSE – Under Siege is an utter breeze to control with the Dualshock. From an Edge preview:

“The game began its development before Sony revealed Move, however, and the surprising upshot is that Seed has made the game play just as well, if not better, with the faithful old Dualshock. While R.U.S.E. demonstrated that, with imagination and ingenuity, an RTS can work well on console, Under Siege takes a reductive approach which goes further. Here, it’s difficult to imagine why you would need a mouse in the first place.”

Let’s also remember Under Siege is being made by, what, a studio of five Portuguese blokes. They’ve done a sterling job, especially with the user creation tools for maps and missions. It seems the SoS is pretty much an 360 mob these days, but this surely warrants a look-in. So, the summary is:

  • Control scheme specially designed for the DualShock controller/Move Support
  • You can play multiplayer with up to four players online, and two two locally via split screen. You and your friends can play 1v1, 2v2, 3v1 or four players vs the A.I.
  • Video and voice chat in game and in the lobby
  • XMB screenshot and custom music support
  • Video recording
  • Since in Under Siege every map is made in the Editor, it basically means that any kind of multiplayer mode is possible. Currently, the game will ship with some maps of Deathmatch, Capture Point, Capture Treasure, and Survival. There will be more to come, but these will be a surprise.