Low-price GTA games on Steam are staring me in the face again. It’s not a question of whether III and Vice City are worth a combined $5, but whether or not they’ll be worth my time when every GTA game I’ve played so far has been more annoying than fun.

Many of my problems stem from the controls of the console versions, but the conflict of the open-ended gameplay and the linear missions has also been a big problem as well. I’m doing okay in GTA IV on PS3 but it hasn’t been easy. I am absolutely terrible at San Andreas on the PS2.

I love the atmosphere of SA but there’s too much to keep track of in that game. Gang territory, your girlfriend, working out, then there’s driving. It seems like I can’t even get my car across a couple streets without accidentally crashing it right when the police see me – disrupting my game time with a car chase, or it getting shot up by rival gangs. Worst of all, Having to drive across town to activate a mission, then all the way back to do that mission, only to die because of the shitty controls and then have to manually reload because I lose all the armor and guys that I drove all over town to get.

That’s the other thing, I hate the save system of the entire franchise. Even IV’s instant retry is useless because all your weapons and armor are still depleted.

These problems have made the GTA franchise just about unplayable to me. Do these same problems still exist in the earlier 3D GTA games?