@RedSwirl Good to hear Amnesia is living up to its reputation. I’d love to indulge, but until my upgrade in a couple of months, being saddled with the nightmare that is Intel express integrated graphics atop a measly Celeron M, it’ll have to wait.

Just a heads-up for those interested, Apache Air Assault demo dropped on the Euro PSN and Live last night. And holy hell. This is the kind of masochism I can get behind. Platformers, not so much, but flying a gunship in realism mode is a white-knuckle cocktail of fear and thrill. Not to mention keeping it aloft and stable long enough to belt out a salvo of Hydras, then switch to your chaingun for a bit of delicate truck-and-soldier shredding. Some of the best radio chatter I’ve heard in a game, along with such a care for authenticity.

Between this and RUSE, to see games that were ostensibly of the PC dominion make it successfully over to console is glorious.