God help me but I love Super Meat Boy. This is a surprise. It’s exactly what the doctor ordered for those ‘oh jesus I’ve done an 8 hour day and then 2 and a half hours of coursework and now it’s 9:30 and I’m tired as hell’ marathons. You’d think dying and dying again would be frustrating but for me it’s kind of a zen experience, super mindless and relaxing. I can’t explain.

You can only get so invested in a level that takes 5 seconds to play. If you die… oh well, it starts again instantly. The sensation feels like tossing cards in a hat. There’s no pressure. You just toss those cards over and over again until one lands in the hat. The music is awesome (and downloadable here as of today: http://dbsoundworks.bandcamp.com/album/super-meat-boy-soundtrack ) the art is hilarious and I like Meat Boy as a protagonist. The game just feels good.

Beating a level under a ‘par’ time unlocks a dark world version of that level which is more evil. I’ve so far managed to A-rank every stage on the first 3 worlds without too much trouble, and A-ranked most of the dark worlds up through levels 1-3 besides. It’s hard as hell sure, but not TOO hard, at least in my opinion. “Just right” difficulty that handily rewards player skill but also asks a lot of you technically in a tough-but-fair way. You have to be precise on all your jumps and dashes, but after playing for about 20 minutes I find it’s easy to get into the meat groove.

Anyway, yeah… I can’t see starting Fallout until I’m done with Meat. Shouldn’t take more than a few more sessions… though it’s doubtful that I’ll ever finish or try to finish those -1 glitch worlds.