@bowlisimo You know, I never thought I’d see A-10 Cuba! mentioned anywhere again! But then, if there’s any place it would occur, the squad barracks would be it. I think my favourite part of it was simply using the chase cam (as appallingly un-sim grognardian as that is!) and admiring those gorgeous flat-shaded polygonal machines dance about in the air. I had the demo for a long while before finding the full version, so for many months, it was a mess-about trying to drop bombs on the ships cruising through the harbour. Glorious game.

I’ve only played the console version of Il-2, but have a great admiration for the devs and the community around the PC release. Hence my excitement for Apache, those guys really do know how to make a good, meaty flight game.

@feenwager Just kicked off Enslaved last night. What a gorgeous, gorgeous game.