@iscariot83 Indeed, and if Birds of Prey was anything to go by, the attention to detail with damage modelling and the flight physics will be superb. I remember my Hawker Hurricane having holes ploughed cleanly through the fuselage and wings by menacing Me-109s over Dover; flying that thing was a nightmare at that point…it was a constant game of trim and yaw to keep the thing from flipping over.

What’s even more exciting about Apache? The price point. It’s being put out by Activision alongside their ludicrous lower-tier Blood Drive at the 49.95USD mark. That’s worth supporting, but the sad thing is…a tired zombie-themed Twisted Metal clone seems to be getting all the media attention! I guess chopper sims are a fairly niche subset. Still, there’ll be a whole lot of game to sink one’s teeth into for fifty clams.