I do want to say that I thought that KOTOR was very, very good. Definitely lived up to its hype. Kind of makes me sad that it seems like WRPGs just aren’t being made that way anymore, with Dragon Age Origins perhaps being the last of its kind.

And of course, HK-47 was the best character. I’m almost tempted to play KOTOR 2 just to see more of him. Too bad it apparently doesn’t have a finished ending.

Speaking of endings, I’m always a little bummed when I feel like games skimp out on the ending. After playing 30 hours of KOTOR, I really want some closure for ALL of my characters before the credits rolled. Instead, I got the cinematic equivalent of a pat on the back. Come on! This isn’t a movie. This at least 10 times longer than a movie. Than why is my ending as long as one for an hour and a half film?

Red Dead Redemption had one of the best endings I’ve ever seen in a game, mostly because it was so long, and really went out of its way to give as much closure as possible.