Hey folks. Thanks for another rather enjoyable podcast. Big thumbs up to Jeff, Pete and Kevin for a rather rollicking squadcast! Some hearty discussion indeed. Not much to add, outside of the memories I have of my young sister, much younger at the time, cultivating psychopathic tendencies in the original Sims game. She’d get her seemingly innocent Sim to get friendly with neighbours, call them up and invite them over for a pool party of sorts.

Only to capture her victims in the backyard by toggling the create mode and being rather liberal with al fresco walls and balustrades. After a while, it looked like some grotesque urban concentration camp. With incredibly tasteful interior design. Like some scene from American Psycho.

In other news, this thing of beauty – to quote tricky Dicky – just made my list. Gran Turismo isn’t the only vehicular thrill ride in town come November. Thanks very much, Gaijin Entertainment – the folks behind Il-2 Sturmovik – I now have something very exciting to look forward to. Anyone who played Birds of Prey will testify this studio can crank out a deep sim for a console. Built on a modified Birds of Prey engine, Apache: Air Assault!


EDIT: I’ll save my video embed quota, just for @feenwager‘s peace of mind. Trailer here – http://bit.ly/cjXnBj

Also, might I serve up a plate of hot shit?

The BBC production of Ian Curteis’ The Falklands Play, starring Patricia Hodge as Margaret Thatcher is incredible. Much like my cherished HBO Conspiracy dramatisation of the 1942 Wannsee conference, The Falklands Play production is stellar. Breathtaking portrayal of the era with Hodge giving a wonderful performance as the Iron Lady, with a brilliant supporting cast. Much like Curteis’ “Suez” script and the aforementioned Conspiracy, there is no action in TFP…it’s entirely politico-centric, allowing for some of the snappiest dialogue I’ve heard since Colin Firth and Kenneth Brannagh’s Stuckart and Heydrich, respectively.

You’re in luck if you’re interested – the whole 90 minute thing is on Youtube. Part one here – http://bit.ly/c4VZ4s