@beige. Yes. Enslaved – 360. I played the demo on both – PS3 first and felt “yeah this seems like a really good game but runs terribly”. On 360 I noticed an immediate difference not even 15 seconds in. I could instantly tell this is what I’m supposed to be running the game on. The full game is on my GameFly Que.

I didn’t bother with Darksiders because of how painfully generic it looks. How well does that game “rip off” the Zelda formula anyway? That’s probably my favorite “type” of game of all, but only because of the central focus on exploration. Does Darksiders carry that at all?

Anyway, still deep in Peace Walker epilogue content. Got a perfect score on the dating sim mini game, and now apparently Snake has to build his own Metal Gear in order to get the true ending.