@bowlisimo Spot on with the Mechwarrior 2 soundtrack! Yeah, I agree with your description on the 90s PC CD-Rom sound…one up from midi, but still retaining that gorgeous synthetic sensibility. And just on the Adagio bit, I followed your enquiry all the way to Professor Wikipedia, and for something written supposedly written as an anthem of adoration, we’ve been using it for all the most tragic occasions of the 21st century! Presidents funerals, memorial services, the plight of the weak and powerless…still, if the glove fits! Lovely piece of music, and a lovely rendition for the Homeworld scene.

In regards to reviews and whatnot, I enjoy reading them but don’t take them on board very often. I love James Allen’s Out of Eight site, because he’s a trustworthy guy who knows what he’s talking about…and more often than not, goes off the beaten track to review the tiniest and most obscure games. It’s that kind of breadth that gets my respect.

Tom Chick is a very interesting character. He seems to swing from outright contrarian and champion of the underdog to a regular reviewer. He’s a smart fellow, but I think he’s worth reading just for his game diaries. It’s nice to see someone’s experiences unfold over the course of a week or so.

And I finished up the new SoS. Great effort, gents. Nothing more to add, just really enjoyed the show.

By the by, after the buzz @beige and co. had going for Enslaved, and after I played the demo and found myself thinking ‘I love everything visually about this damn game!’, I threw down the clams for it. Time has certainly become a thing of rarity as of last week, but it should be a lovely guilty pleasure to play slowly over the course of a few weeks. I was considering a cheapy on the same level, Viking: Battle for Asgard, but thought it would be better to run with this year’s sleeper Uncharted-esque character narrative.