@zegolf – I actually came to the squawkbox just now to try and relieve myself of the Civ V cravings. I can’t justify $50 for the privilige of sinking dozens of my limited free hours into a game, so I’ve been playing Minecraft to stave off the urges. I’m a little creeped out by the parallels to methadone clinics 🙂

I’ve been seriously considering starting a minecraft server for the squad. I’ve never run a server and I’ve never considered myself to be admin material, but the idea of a persistent squad-world minecraft server makes me think it might be worth learning how all that stuff works. I’m moving soon, but once I get resettled, I might have to have a go at the whole thing.

Also, it seemed strange to me that Minecraft was working as a Civ alternative for me, until I really thought about how I’m playing both of them….I’m basically grabbing resources from the world and fashioning them into new technologies to try and expand my sphere of comfort and influence in the world. My goals are to tame the wild, create structures, and advance my technology through the crafting system. It got me thinking – with the right set of rules and a few new systems in place, (plus the ability to try and fuck with my opponents efforts to do the same) Minecraft could be modded into a sort of real time, first person Civilization action game.

But for now, maybe we should just try to get a server up and running 🙂