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SquadCast 2.4: Squadron of Sound

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Chris Tilton joins us for a discussion of video game soundtracks. We talk about the evolution of game sound, how dynamic music has a place even in non-narrative soundtracks and where things might go from here. Also, there’s the usual blend of Hot and Horseshit to enjoy.

Music in this episode (not in the right order, as I forgot to write it in the correct order while editing and it’s late now)

Reflections from Silent Hill 2
46860 Choices from Geometry Wars 2
Mass Effect Theme from Dragon Age: Origins
Another Winter from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
Brothers in Arms from Halo: Combat Evolved
Black Wing Metamorphosis from Final Fantasy VII OCRemix album
Otherworld from Final Fantasy X
Painful Memories from Heavy Rain
The Opened Way from Shadow of the Colossus
Glass Halls from Shatter
The Elite from Split/Second
What You Are from Lost Odyssey
Warhawk Theme from Warhawk (C64, not PS3)
The Friendly Arms Inn from Baldur’s Gate

If you want to discuss the topics raised on this episode, be sure to tag your posts “Squadron of Sound”, like this one is.

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