@Scribl Nah, other than memory sticks there really aren’t any essential PSP accessories. Any Memory Stick Pro Duo will work. I went for a 16 because I prioritize the PlayStation Store when getting new releases. I just don’t like to mess around with a bunch of discs for a portable system anymore.

The PSP Management desktop program – Media Go, is Windows-only. I haven’t heard anything about it and Bootcamp but Media Go isn’t really necessary at all. I barely use it. It’s mostly just a desktop method with which to buy digital PSP content and sync it to your system. If you own a PS3 though that works just as well, and the PSP can directly access the PlayStation Store. Media Go’s only other real use for me has been backing up data, which you can technically do just as well by just exploring the memory stick when you have the PSP (or just the stick itself) hooked up through USB.

MGS Peace Walker – Not for everyone but I’m enjoying it a lot.
Crush – Most underrated current gen game if you ask me.
Every Extend Extra – If you’re into a Mizoguchi Shmup.
Gunpey – Unique puzzle game, also Mizoguchi.
Lumines – Definitely.

There’s also a pretty beefy selection of Strategy RPGs on the platform if you’re into that.