How did the entire subject of this episode fly through this squawkbox without me ever actually noticing? I had things I would like to have added.

Anyway, I’m gonna have to agree with @feenwager that dissing Halo and even Vanquish (especially after posting the “Japanicide” podcast) is bordering on stuck-up nerd territory. Sometimes something is massively popular because it’s actually good. I at least like to try a game out before I break it down.

@bigdaddygamebot I’m gonna have to ask you to at least demo Vanquish. Yes it is within the same “genre” as Gears, but I really do trust Shinji Mikami on this one. Each of his last two works was an absolute monster of a game with tons of personality. Something tells me this isn’t gonna end up being more grey Gears of War shit.

I also have high hopes for Blood Stone. Design-wise it seems to be going in exactly the direction needed for the Bond games.