@bowlisimo Hey now, I don’t expect folks to ride my train when it comes to particular games. I’ve just had RUSE at the forefront of my most-anticipated since its announcement and it has delivered in spades what I was looking for. Indeed, the Giant Bomb quicklook was a horrible display, but then again, most RTSs in single player rarely showcase the options, and especially by a site where Starcraft is essentially the only strategy game that gets mentioned. However, it’s not for everyone, and a single player demo isn’t going to sell a fellow on it.

But, if you do end up ever playing it multiplayer, it’ll showcase just how ruse-centric the game is. Sure, play it like your traditional econ-based RTS, but throwing poker-like feints and bluffs into the mix is where the fun is. Anyway, I’ll not mention it further. My original post was more about the kneejerkists and blinkered fools who claim to be open-minded and deep within the medium, but undermine themselves by snarling without justification.

@beige It’s got a superb standard gamepad control scheme, playing with that the moment.

EDIT: Couldn’t help it. Going to leave these vids here and THAT will be all.

RUSE Primer Part 01 – Training Area – http://bit.ly/bkrgEc
RUSE Primer Part 02 – Unit Management – http://bit.ly/bXswSZ
RUSE Primer Part 03 – Unit Tips & Tricks – http://bit.ly/bg3JT5
RUSE Primer Part 04 – Ruse Card Tips & Tricks – http://bit.ly/a2bMAe

Certainly not really a traditional econ RTS.