@sinfony No, I understand what you’re saying. I was trying to make the same point as you, but maybe I wasn’t clear. It’s like I said, the base content is the same. It’s all just different interpretations.

Right now, perhaps a lot of people do listen to Giant Bombcast just as you say. It’s because you like those guys. But do you $5 a month like them? Perhaps you do, but does every single listener of the show? It’s a really big gamble. I mean, I much prefer a Five Guys burger to a McDonald’s McDouble, but one is $6 and one is $1. Guess which one I tend to eat more often.

It’s certainly a brave new world. I wonder how many other “professional” podcasts will follow in their footsteps. Heck, this may potentially bring “amateur” shows such as the Squadcast and EBP a bigger audience of cheap people. 🙂