One day of school and a practice later, I come back to a huge squad-wide discussion. Bravo for the level of discourse so far 🙂

Just finished listening to the announcement podcast they released regarding this issue. I have mixed feelings which developed over the course of the announcement. Initially, Whisky Media’s plan was fine by me – it offered small bonus perks for the community without affecting the current web site experience for those of us who aren’t heavily involved within their community. They’re trying to find a way around the typical ad-based system that sites use to make money without evoking the whole “pay wall” scheme that usually angers the majority of users. Like @Rocgaude, I support them in trying that model.

However, once they got to the podcast element, I started wondering. As background, the Bombcast has become my go-to gaming podcast post- 1UP Yours (excluding the Squadcast of course). I can’t wait for the show every week. I love the mix of personalities and enjoy most of the shenanigans that occur (this week’s discovery that two Wii Ware had the same press release made me laugh out loud in the middle of the gym surrounded by my teammates). I understand that the Bombcast takes up a lot of their time and energy but after offering the show free for 3 years now, you can’t simply split the show up and offer the 2nd half on time to paying customers. Depending on how they cut it up, they may kill some of the flow the podcast has developed over the years. Screw with the format and you risk alienating people more than you’d like.

I love podcasts but I have a hard time thinking I would pay a monthly fee for them. The best alternative in my mind is, like @Beige @bigdaddygamebot and @cgrajko have mentioned, to offer the opportunity to donate regularly instead and keep the format as is. If it is a show that you feel deserves your donation, then you can but if not, well the show is still available for you free of charge regardless. I’ve donated money to the TWiT Network on the basis of quality and the fact that the network has, over the years, provided me with between 2 and 8 shows weekly to which I subscribed to at any moment. Had the old 1UP Radio network asked for donations, I would have gladly done so as well.

Simply put: Don’t screw with the content – simply offer people a choice

Small podcast tangent: @RocGaude, did you get a chance to listen to the Bugle? I’d be curious on your first impression of the show.