@JeffGrubb I don’t work in the industry, and I can’t even pretend to know what it’s like to do what you do for a living, but I’m somewhat saddened by the idea that people should have to pay for the news. It isn’t as if the Giant Bomb folks are giving gamers something that they couldn’t already figure out for themselves by reading other sources and drawing their own conclusions. I’ve only listened to a few episodes of the Bombcast in full, but it doesn’t strike me as the type of thing that is blowing anyone’s mind. Maybe I’m just a cynical asshole, (I am… for sure), but I can’t help but feel that something free will take the place of the Bombcast for a lot of people who are unwilling to pay for it.

Incidentally, this is a big issue in literary circles. I once sat around for an evening trying to find good literature podcasts, but it’s mostly done by asshole professors who think people should pay for their content. (This is particularly upsetting since I became a teacher to, like, teach people…) I am unwilling to do so and have actually recruited a couple of other professors to do a podcast with me, because we want to share our knowledge for free. Fuck the people who think I should pay them $5 to hear their Lit Crit 101 ramblings on Book X of Plato’s Republic. I could probably charge for it, particularly since I have a graduate degree and so do the other two people I’m working with, but we get paid for doing other stuff. Why wouldn’t we share our thoughts for free if it’s something we really care about and want to discuss?