Exactly right, this is the original content business I’m still waiting for. As much as I enjoy the joking and such with Giant Bomb, I’m yet to see a reason why people should be paying for a non-truncated recording of what four guys in San Fran have been playing, a reading of selected news pieces with editorial-esque commentary bookends, then releases which are freely available elsewhere – albeit with some humourous readings when it comes to WiiWare and DSiware – and…er…emails?

At least with the SoS, it’s wonderful discussion on interesting topics, not just the industry cycle spoken about for five minutes then moved on from. Idle Thumbs, sort of similar – but even then, and don’t hate me, all the podcasts held in high regard by many aren’t much better or differentiated. I think Jeremy Parish and co. are too cool for the room and I get tired of the Jazz-cafe faux nonchalance of podcasts of similar ilk. Maybe the Brodeo/1UP Yours, but even then, I only came across the 1UP scene when it was starting to drown in its own saliva and the nurse contemplating a fresh set of sheets for the next patient.

Pachter was right, surprisingly, in that “games journalism” should be more about the people who make games themselves – but not in the reductive sense that it’s about individuals. I want studio highlights, I don’t want “personality” reporters and commentators. When we’re dealing with a medium whose reporting – for the most part – has a central pillar of product review, making it no different from looking at what makes a Toshiba fridge better than its peers, I want to know not what Joe Blow-Report thinks, but to know the history of the guys behind it. We get that now, sure, but its metered out through marketing, through the usual and sadly necessary business scoops.

To tie off a rant about wanting cake and eating it too – a strange analogy in itself – @cgrajko covers my stance. Good discourse shouldn’t be hidden behind pay barriers, but I’d advocate people appreciating interesting, INTERESTING work with donations or simply helping out in whatever way. Round table weeklies going through the motions won’t snag my bucks. Give me in-depth interviews and nice big articles and I’ll be more than happy to spare some clams.