@zegolf There’s a few different angles to look at this, and one of them doesn’t apply to Giant Bomb…it’s the struggling service providers. While I quite like the Bombcast, I certainly wouldn’t pay for it.

A good example of a paid subscription service in regards to a podcast is the wonderful Mysterious Universe show; two guys (out of Sydney, surprisingly) who do a great job with a free podcast, but for subscribers of their ‘Plus’ setup, they get an added hour of reporting and stories as an addition to their weekly podcast, plus a follow-up weekend edition that isn’t available outside of the subscription. What’s more, this is their primary source of income, so they do a great job on all accounts.

The Giant Bomb guys? I only use subscribe to the podcast, I don’t hang around the site. With you on this one, Zegolf.

@RocGaude or anyone else who’s in need of a further podcast recommendation…I’ll throw Mysterious Universe up there as one of those oddities you might need to round off that balance of tech news and culture. You might be a massive sceptic when it comes to anything X-Files-y, but these guys are cheerful and eloquent non-kooks who would be as quick as you to dismiss baloney. http://mysteriousuniverse.org/

Their podcast is on iTunes.