@zegolf, iscariot, unmanneddrone I listened to that Giantbomb announcement last night. I don’t like the splitting up of the podcast, that sucks ass. However (and not to sound too much like a GB apologist, although I probably will), I think they explained their reasoning pretty well. I can understand that podcasting from a business perspective costs a lot for little monetary return, despite being a great way to reach and speak to the community.

If you’ve frequented the website for any length of time in the past two years (or even just listened to the Bombcast), I think it’s obvious that the guys at Giantbomb are very sensitive to marketing bullshit and want very much to avoid becoming the ad infested walking dead that are IGN, Gamespot, and 1up. To their credit they’ve done a great job with that, and it gives them a lot of cachet and good will with the community because of it. People like to support that kind of thing. Also, they’re fucking hilarious and I’ve been listening to them since college.

The difference though, between this and what Microsoft did with XBL, is that you guys are getting charged an extra 10 dollars on top of an annual fee you already pay for no change in service, whereas Giantbomb is improving the site and attempting to pay for themselves with something other than just advertising dollars from mostly gaming companies at the same time. This also answers @Jeffgrubb ‘s question as to what is wrong with games journalism. It’s the press being paid to advertise by the very game companies that they are criticizing (see Gerstmanngate).

That said, will I pay for a subscription? I might. Although, the problem is I visit the site daily for the videos, but I don’t really care about the community stuff. You guys are my community.

How many more times can I write the word bomb?