Tough crowd (that’s a good thing).

Three things (and realize that I’m leaning towards *not* subscribing)

1. As the GB crew was saying (and also Roc), I wouldn’t call creating a two hour weekly podcast a sliver of their creative output, especially when they say it basically knocks one full day off of the work week.

Regardless, I never got the sense that they were starving because people don’t pay for their podcast. Having subscribers is about being funded (of course, to make money) by the people who enjoy the site, and not by advertisers who just want cover everything in eye blasters and Call of Duty skins to get more clickz and make their website suck to use. You can think that I bought into their bullshit, but the track record so far has been good.

Anyway, if you use the site and don’t subscribe, basically nothing changes, except there is better site functionality, and you get half the podcast a week later. I hate the last part, but I still think it’s pretty reasonable. If all you care about is the podcast however, then it is easy to see why you would feel slighted.

2. @zegolf The strength of the personalities covering games is the biggest reason why I return to a gaming website. Yes, I can simply google Sneak King and get all the dry info I need, but for me, it’s the “man, I wonder what these guys think about this” question that is the greatest draw. It’s why I initially got hooked on 1up (in its hayday), its why I frequented Gamespot in college, and now Giantbomb. Also, I like to laugh.

3. Podcast shenanigans and random tangents (yes, about energy drinks) make for some of the best listening. I’m not sure what that argument is about, do I need to invoke the Brodeo?