Personally, I wonder how splitting the content up will affect the tone of the Bombcast…when you’ve got paying subscribers, I have to imagine you feel a lot more pressure to try and seem like you’re providing worthwhile content. The tangents and off topic conversations have been some of the meatiest parts of a lot of my favorite podcasts though.

All in all, I think we can all see that this extends way beyond the realm of games coverage – Beige just hit on the Public Radio similarity. I love the fact that by donating to your local NPR station, you can indirectly fund all of their content (The 1up network could’ve benefited a lot from that model), or you can choose to specify a particular show you enjoy.

Journalism itself is in upheaval right now though, not just Giant Bomb and gaming news, but places like the Wall Street Journal and CNN. Traditional advertising online just doesn’t have enough value for anyone right now – I work in that industry in fact, so I could go on at length about why that is – and a lot of big content creators are starting to look at pay walls and user subscriptions. I’m willing to bet that a lot of people will be keeping tabs on what happens to Whiskey Media….hopefully they’ll see that the best business model is one where subscriptions create the freedom to report honestly and independently, and aren’t just a supplement to traditional advertising revenue.