Okay, gang. Once again we do our duty and delve into the realm of weird little games with average graphics or mechanics that don’t always work, but lots of great ideas.




It’s survival horror – emphasis on SURVIVAL, since there are no weapons. You are a Lovecraft protagonist with a light, basically, and that’s IT.

No, wait, strike that. SOMETIMES you have a light. What you have always is a constantly-dwindling pool of sanity, lantern oil if you’re lucky, and perhaps a bottle or two of laudanum to deal with the inevitable pain.

The game is extremely atmospheric and stylish, with some sequences that are well-presented enough to make even practiced survival horror players like Mark and me grow tense. He recently had to redo a sequence because he was flailing around in terror too much to operate the relevant devices. As of a few minutes ago, we skated out of a very, very tense sequence which I will not spoil – but I will say beware that refinery, folks – and into a welcome, well-lit room, at which point we decided it was time to go do something else in order to wind down enough to avoid disruption of the local sleep schedules.

They “get” horror, clearly, even if the presentation’s not triple-A. The beginning is a quite slow burn, but it’s well worth pressing on and investigating farther.

Beige says: If Thief, Call of Cthulhu, and Eternal Darkness had a love child, this would be it.

Will report back later with further developments. Hopefully. If, you know, the monsters haven’t eaten us.