@feenwager You’re a good man. I’ll do my best to warp space-time for some convenient Dungeon Defenders match-ups when it drops, even if it means my Missus discovering two severed arms in the living room, the smell of bacon and a crackling in the air.

And I just wrote this long rundown of the RUSE demo…and my connection with the Squawk timed out, I got shunted off the page and BAM, a casual half-hour’s ramblings were cast into oblivion. And Bethesda ain’t answering my calls. Oh well, that’s what you get for taking your time on a Friday eve. It’ll be Notepad from now on for big musings.

In any case, I’ll ruminate upon it further and list some @beige-style good/bad things this weekend. But it’s fantastic. Ugly at times, but fantastic. Laid-back pace, which is a nice change from a lot of RTS games. Anyway, may you folks have a fast and fluid Friday. My recon suggests little resistance will be meet on a push for the weekend.

@beige Oh boy! SoS descending onto PSN. My headset is so primed, they’ve called in the bombsquad. *sleazy late night commercial voice* Pylon_Command…add me, add me nowww. Seriously though, have a good day. Those Sasaki haters be damned.

EDIT: Paging Pete “Joe Danger” Davison. New patch for Joe Danger brings Youtube uploading, custom soundtrack option, more tracks and multiplayer events, plus new tools for the editor. For free. That’s how you do it!