Morning all!

@mcstabwithlies Up for Frozen Synapse when you grab it. I hear the first single player campaign section is being trialled at Mode 7 HQ…should be very cyberpunk’ey.

@angryjedi Yeah, a nice big bouncy DD lifestyle! I guess I was referring to “Direct Download”, after getting roasted by some panty-waist keyboard warrior on GAF for daring to make the mistake of listing Lead & Gold as DLC, rather than DD. After that, it kinda stuck. But stick with the buxom luvverlies, by all means.

@beige Thanks for the MNC rundown. Love hearing After Action Reports, in any way, shape or form.

Hoping there’s a few Squaddies who’re willing to pick up Dungeon Defenders on PSN down the line, it’d be nice to get in on the action with the SoS in any capacity. Also, Playstation Plus finally paid for itself last night after leaving me feeling like its a colossal waste of time – the RUSE demo was available for subscribers. And when I get home tonight, I hope to write a short snippet here on just how amazing it is! Graphically, no prize-winner, but console realtime strategy has a coming-of-age tale within this WWII romp.

Have a great night/day, folks.