@feenwager: Having literally just finished DeathSpank (and yes, I’m aware what time it is… my sleep patterns are all messed up at the minute for various reasons) I’m stoked for a sequel. I won’t spoil anything, but they do make it pretty obvious at the end of the game that there’s more to come. So this sequel is probably less of a surprise to people who have already beaten the first one.

You’re right about it being a wise choice, marketing-wise. Two $15 downloadable games is definitely going to garner the correct kind of attention for this game. If it were on shelves, it’d be ignored completely.

I could go off on a lengthy diatribe about why this game works so well, but that’s ideal SquadCast fodder so I’ll save it for the next show.

I will say this, though: I don’t know about the rest of you, but I haven’t even touched a retail release for about two months now. Any new stuff I’ve got hold of recently has been downloadable. I’m not even sure what’s come out recently. Anything good?