I started playing Monday Night Combat (online, with randoms) at 1:30am. It’s now almost 5am.

Well, shit.

PS: Would love to get on with some Squaddies some time.

edit: Just scrolled down and realized you guys were talking about MNC too. Yay, I’m relevant!

@sinfony, I get what you mean about TF2, but with MNC’s smaller teams, I feel like my contribution is a lot more apparent. It’s also less chaotic.

Although, if you’d asked me after my first few games, I’d totally agree. I played Assassin and didn’t pay any attention to the greater battle. Assassins are pretty useless at assaulting the enemy base, so I just ran around stabbing people until one team won.

Then I started playing around with different classes and gradually gained a better grasp on the ebb and flow of the matches. It helps to pay attention to the map when you’re respawning. It shows the locations of both teams’ bots and turrets, which is usually a good indication of who’s pushing the attack and who’s defending.