@beige Yeah, the architecture thing appears to be a more apt parallel. I think it does away with a lot more of the high-brow fluff and pomp that doesn’t stand up to outsider scrutiny, though the crusaders for legitimacy throw up as reasoning – for better or worse. If described as creator interpretation-turned construct – a veritable artificial playground (undoubtedly a pejorative term for the Eberts and such, perhaps a cementing of the “it’s a juvenile pastime” defense) or a recalculated bento of stylised space-time (bordering on super-stretch?), then I think we’ve got a nice little piece of techno-business that will befuddle the dinosaurs and tantalise the newcomers.

Although, this legitimacy cry is, of course, a tiny section of dynastic change. We’ll laugh about those curious old days when the cultural relevance of the medium was questioned and challenged.

@feenwager In honour of the new SoS format, I shall go sans pantaloons for as long as possible today. You guys really were on fire on the podcast. Utterly loved it.

Oh, I threw this at the wonderful @angryjedi last night, but for anyone interested in an arcade-style Delve Deeper/Dungeon Keeper/Badman-esque Dwarf management sim (we’ve gone Dwarf-crazy here, it seems!), there’s a free open beta for…

Dwarfs Open Beta Deluxe – http://bit.ly/9HOoAM
Indiegames.com Preview – http://bit.ly/as5grr

According to the site ( http://bit.ly/9Mo2YC ), ““Dwarfs” is an arcade/strategy game set deep underground. Your goal is to explore a vast, randomly generated dungeon, while at the same time protecting your home town from harm.”

It’s good fun, and has a charming sense of humour. And free, so nobody can say no. Unless you hate dwarves…and that kind of discrimination went out of vogue a while back.