Things that I would make my student play?
1) I have to agree with Super Mario World. It’s a great representation of Mario who is, for all intents and purposes, the figurehead for games past, present and future

2) I would also have to list a Civ game, but I have a feeling that I’d list Civ V, when it finally comes out. Great series of games, and playable by just about anyone.

3) I would pick Earthbound. I think it’s a great RPG for anyone, no matter what their age, to pick up and play. It introduces a lot of typical RPG elements without over-RPGing them and requiring an advanced knowledge of RPG’s to play. It’s also a lot of fun, and kids would love the colors and shapes and flashing lights.

I might (although I hesitate to think this) even suggest WoW. If for nothing else, WoW would be an example of how a video game can be mainstream. WoW really does hold an influence over every type of media. Hell, even Mr. T plays a Night Elf Mohawk!

I’d make the bad kids play E.T. for the 2600. I owned that game. Might, still, actually. OH! And I also played both Faxanadu and Crystalis.

And finally? Great show, guys. It’s nice to have it back on my RSS feed.