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SquadCast 2.1: Hot Shit

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Welcome to Season Two of the SquadCast! In this episode, Chris, Mark, Pete and Jeff explore web adventure The Curfew, discuss the concept of “gaming literacy” and brand a selection of things “Hot Shit or Horseshit”.

Music in this episode:
The Squad’s new intro music courtesy of Mr Jeff @feenwager Parsons.
First interlude: The Painkiller from Painkiller Black.
Second interlude: Baba Yetu from Civilization IV.
Ending: Bust a Groove from Bust a Groove.

Hot tags for discussion following this episode will be “Game Literacy” and “The Curfew”. If you’ve got thoughts to share on some of the things we’ve talked about, please use the tags!

Play The Curfew here if you haven’t already.

Above all, enjoy! Have a happy Wednesday, everyone.