@iscariot83 You know, I’d way rather Atlus swung for the fence on this one, as far as the ‘eroticism’ of the game is concerned. I know that the Japanese don’t exactly have the greatest track record here but Atlus has been decent-ish when it comes to exploring nuance and I’d like to see them give it a shot.

What I’m imagining here is a game about some salaryman/layabout whose life sucks by day but who at night is visited by visions of that hot ghost that gave Dan Ackroyd the business in Ghostbusters. She’s compelling, but she obviously wants something in return, in a creepy way. I could get behind that, so to speak.

If the dev world wasn’t a bunch of thematic pussies we could have explored games along these lines before. It’s irritating that sex plays a huge role in our culture and yet the gaming medium seems not to have advanced beyond the tee-hee-hee and peepee level when it comes to representing it in our games. Silent Hill excluded, I guess.

Many effectively erotic or suggestive cultural works have ostensibly had NO “on screen” sex in them at all. Think early era “it’s all implied” Victorian novels or movies like The Haunting or Kubrick’s Lolita. Try watching that black-and-white gem in a room full of dudes and you will see a room full of desperately uncomfortable squirming for 2 hours, despite the lack of anything visual beyond a PG level.

Can the industry be trusted to handle it with tact though? Well, someone has to eventually, but we’ll wait and see.

Flipside of the coin: Someone make a game about Perdido Street Station, which (as I recall) features a slam-bam sex scene between a man and a woman with a scarab beetle for a head in the first 50 pages. It’s your call, Industry, I’m cool either way.