@scribl The vid is true. But I was thinking more along the lines of it being such a rehearsed and honed set of gameplay manoeuvres…things like builds and that, where people jump out of the gate and start slapping down installations for econ, boom, all that jazz. Starcraft, to me, seems to have a lot in common with fighting games in multiplayer. The counters, the offensive capabilities, even movement down to a fine art. I’m not attacking the APM or even targeting it as something wrong…more that, outside of Multiwinia…the pace of Starcraft – even on an hobby level – is kinda overbearing for this geezer.

Hence why I’m hanging out for RUSE. Very much looking forward to a slower, grander scope in my RTS, and the operational level “sector by sector” gameplay hits some sort of majestic chord with me. I’m with Jeff and wish I could be part of the SC2 buzz, but factors both hardware and heart prevent such an occurrence for the time being.

Great vid, by the by. Was that you?