Wow! If ever there was a nice and intelligent argument for motion controls, strategy gaming is it. R.U.S.E. is the reason I’m getting Move, and it sounds like Eugen Systems have really worked hard since the beta. You know, a *real* beta, rather than a glorified piece of marketing.

If anyone cares to check it out, the devs have done a nice new vid and unveiled a free multiplayer Steam weekend for the 15th of July. Furthermore, if anyone is considering Move and has a penchant for strategy, perhaps R.U.S.E. is what you’re looking for. Cannot wait for September.

It looks gorgeous!

EDIT: This just in from Gamespot, it sounds awesome!

“Though Move support was added to R.U.S.E. long after development was under way, it has been tightly integrated into the game’s mechanics. The Move controller acts as a pointer, allowing you to highlight a group of troops, issue commands to them, or navigate menus in much the same way a mouse is used in PC real-time strategy games.

Gestures have also been implemented; a swift swipe to right of the screen brings up the menu where you can select your troops with the pointer or via the analogue stick on the navigation controller. Zooming also gets the gesture treatment, where pushing toward the screen zooms into the map, while pulling backward zooms out.

The light-up ball doesn’t get left out of the action either; it turns red when you’re hovering over enemy troops and green when selecting your own. Most commands can be performed using just the main controller, though Girard informed us that the navigation controller makes some commands easier to access, giving you quick shortcuts to the most frequently used ones.”