Hey guys, if you can run it, I honestly think ArmA II is well worth $20. Even if it largely looks and runs like an alpha build, we’re talking about a real combat sim that guarantees around 40 hours of singleplayer.

The most value in the game though are probably the Armory and Mission Editor modes.

Armory is kinda like a toy box – they just sit you in the multi-square-kilometer toy box and let you do whatever you want with every weapon, vehicle, or character model. It also includes special extra missions that go from doing special Apache stuff all the way down to playing as a goat running away from poachers.

The Mission Editor let’s players create their own campaign but you don’t have to have mod skills to use it. You create your own missions with in the existing sandbox and you can orchestrate whatever kinds of battles you want. If you check fansites for this game people have already created probably dozens of fan campaigns for ArmA II.