Cool, so, Kane and Lynch is in English. I played about 6 levels. I don’t know if I’d say the combat is super satisfying or anything, but I only just got my full squad of four guys to boss around. Maybe it gets deeper.

But the characters are great. Like Gaynor said, it’s really refreshing for two videogame protagonists to be motivated by something other than saving and/or ruling the world. The story has grabbed me as much as any cut-scene-driven narrative can.

My one complaint is that I just don’t buy Kane’s voice acting. It’s convincing enough during his emotional extremes, but the rest of the time, it doesn’t sound like the voice of a man who’s led a life full of violence, a self-described dead man who’s been pushed to the brink. It’s too “clean.” You expect a voice like Kane’s to be stained like his soul, but instead, it sounds like it could belong to any other noble videogame hero.