@scribl Every level of the single player campaign is played with 3 Transformers. The game actually makes it seem as though it was designed to be played co-op, as the AI on the other 2 bots just sort of stand there and act like toasters. So, I guess in a sense, the campaign is supposed to be 3-player co-op, but you can play with 2 AI bots.

As for the earthquake?

I was at work in Baltimore, MD and felt the tremor. It wasn’t big (news said somewhere around a 3) but as someone who has grown up in the South most of my life, it was a weird-ass feeling. A bit like vertigo, or spending a week on a cruise ship and then stepping on dry land.

@Roc I actually enjoy skinning the horses that I accidentally steer off of a cliff edge, hurtling it toward its death.

I’m a big fan of RDR. It fixes a lot of what was wrong, technically and story-wise, with GTA IV. Plus, I’ve always wanted a Western game, and this really scratches that itch.