About Red Dead guys, just tell me this: does it still suffer from the same control and mechanical problems as all Rockstar’s other sandbox games? Because if it does, I seriously question whether I’ll actually be able to play through it.

I found the PS2 Grand Theft Auto games to be completely unplayable. Great atmosphere, great writing, good characters, a lot to do, engrossing worlds, but unplayable controls and mechanics.

Not only do I find the controls unwieldy, but I also can’t stand the save and continue system. It’s great for just messing around, but as soon as I try to actually do a task in GTA, everything falls apart. Maybe you guys can put up with that stuff to enjoy the excellent points, but I can’t, and not for lack of trying.

I was able to will myself through Bully for the same merits and the fact that it focused more on polish than sheer breadth, but it is the only Rockstar sandbox game I’ve played to any sense of completion. GTA IV has felt just polished enough for me to actually be able to play it, but only with enormous frustration balanced out by the aforementioned good points. The save system was improved slightly, but is still utterly useless.

Does Red Dead suffer from the same problems? If it does I honestly doubt I’ll finish it.