I wanted, so much, to get into Alan Wake and put some more time into Blur, but I found myself putting Red Dead Redemption back into the disk drive and playing for four hours without ever completing a storyline mission.

I can’t quite figure out why, but I’m fine with all of that wasted time. I think Rockstar really hit it out of the park with this game and finally made the mature, adult game that they were looking for. It’s nice to play through a Rockstar-style game and not be surrounded by dick-and-fart jokes and constant death. Sure, Marston does his fair share of killing, but you can get through a majority of that game without putting a single bullet in someone.

I thought they were going down the dark path of GTA IV again when they introduced the character of Irish, but taking the setting into account, there really WERE characters like that in the “Old West”.

As for this week coming up, Transformers comes out on Tuesday, and the big-ol-Geek in me couldn’t be more excited. If anyone wants to run through the multiplayer with me, I’m on XBL (zegolf). That will be interspersed with more Red Dead and real life crap.

Also, Happy Father’s Day to any of the Dads that frequent the squawkbox. My hope is to get a crappy tie from my own kids sooner-than-later, so enjoy your day!