Within this squawk, a man hath wrote,
What game hath got him by the throat.
What game shalt last him length of day,
A journey taken, lived and learned.
Of folly, we shall endeavour.

From Friday eve and subsequent,
Cast off thine shackles and torment.
A time to work thus turned to play,
Penchant to toil, a soul thus burned.
Tis playlist time, however.

Beleaguered folk, preclude the game,
By listing here the title’s name.
A reason why and such, might say.
The days ahead; a time oft yearned,
To unearth the game of forever.

In short, any gaming plans for the weekend, fellows? Please excuse the above, it was a particularly strong coffee this morning that met the lingering throb a headache…so of course the outcome is poetry so horribly strained it collapses bowels.

Weekend ahead includes more Lost Planet 2, Joe Danger and no Blur. No Blur. *sigh*