I know we’re not really so much for the sports games around these parts, but I also know we like talking game design, so here are a few thoughts about Tiger Woods ’11 to chew on.

I buy TW roughly every other year, I think that’s about right for most sports games. The problem is with the player progression. You see, TW is one of the few games that I’m good at…really good at. Like, people drop out consistently when I try to play them online good. Like, if Pete cared about playing golf games good. Get it?

So what does EA do every year? They make me start from scratch. Can I import my super-awesome golfer from the previous game(s)? Nope. You can create Joe Shablotnik and begin your climb up the PGA Tour ladder. Again. This involves playing with a golfer who drives the ball about 250 Yards (roughly 6^@$ Metric Made Up Silly Units) off of the tee, and can’t find the hole with a GPS and a telescope.

Now…you may find this hard to believe, but it’s not really fun. Would it be so hard for EA to come up with a mode where I can take my golfer that I have built up to Woods-ian proportions and give me some challenges that are fit for him? Maybe this could replace the inane “modes” they insist on throwing against the wall with every revision of the software.

Ok. I feel better now.