Hey George. I knew getting @MimiK on board would get you to show your face over here finally 🙂

I like your idea. I remember the first time I played MGS and the moments you described happened. They were awesome. To be truly effective, though, they need to be unexpected. Knowing that you require a Kinect for use “at some point” during the game would be a bit of a giveaway. Although it could fuck with you and pretend it was watching when it actually wasn’t, I guess.

I’m thinking games like Heavy Rain would particularly benefit from what you describe. Heavy Rain already makes good (and sparing) use of the SixAxis by limiting violent, motion-sensitive movements to when you’re doing violent or “sudden” moves. The fight scenes are hugely satisfying by nature of the fact that you know you’re delivering a big-ass punch if you have to slam the controller into their face.