This weekend, I’ll probably pick up that there Joe Danger that everyone seems to be hot on.

I’m also toying around with inFamous since it seems that the final build’s frame rate is different then the demo so I can actually play it and not get motion sick. Go Sucker Punch.

Finally, I’m having a problem deciding if I should:

A) Buy Fallout 3 GotY Edition from Steam for $25. The problem is that I’d have to start my game all over again and the new iMac I’ll be buying may not even be able to run it well in Boot Camp.


B) Just grab a copy of the standard release on PS3 for $20 and skip the DLC stuff since that’s where my save data is and, honestly, I’ll probably never play the DLC. Of course, if I do, surely it’ll go on sale right around the time New Vegas launches. There you go, I answered my own dilemma. Sometimes you just gotta write it out..